Sunny city. City of inspiring sights. Setúbal overlooks the mouth of the river Sado and the Atlantic tranquility of Serra da Arrábida natural. Behold the voice of their poets the beauty of Tróia peninsula. Exalts the respect for nature when its fishermen give the schools of dolphins, who now lurk the estuary oram has fun in the ocean. Young city, with vibrant nightlife. Setúbal is a city surrounded by culture and commerce in its historic district, which demonstrates the importance of maritime port. In their new areas among the open spaces. Setúbal is a hospitable city on the verge of some of the most beautiful beach in Portugal.

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About 50 Km from Lisbon, Setúbal boasts great access. Besides trains departing from Lisbon with connection to the airport, a whole network of buses is at your disposal. Setubal also have a connection by ferry boat to the Península of Tróia.

The variety is an asset of this fate. Is for those looking for adventure with the serra da Arrábida as plan, is to study all the Sado River estuary and its varied maritime species and also the Serra da Arrábida, that is for leisure and entertainment: the fantastic beaches (such as Tróia, Arrábida, Figueirinha, Portinho da Arrábida, etc.), which are of the most beautiful of Portugal. All Setúbal Peninsula offers a wide cultural and economic experience.

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