Welcome to our concept of a hostel.

For us a hostel is a sort of accommodation that can be defined by friendly rates, a social experience between guests and where each individual can rent a bed either in a shared room or in a private room. We have available for you rooms with private or common bathrooms. To fulfil the need to  save on your meals we also have a fully equipped kitchen and dining area with a stunning view over the rooftop where you can gaze at the Sado river or the Arrábida Mountain.

Our mission is to make sure that the quality of the services, your comfort, your hygiene and security are kept since the beginning of your stay.

This is our offer.

Our Lobby:
lobby01 lobby02 lobby03 lobby04 lobby05 lobby06 lobby07

Our Stairway:
escadaria01 escadaria02 escadaria03

Our Meal Area:
cozinha01 cozinha02 cozinha03 cozinha04 cozinha05

Our Terrace:
terraco01 terraco02 terraco03 terraco04

Our Facade:
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